Purchase Order financing

Purchase Order Financing for Your Small Business

Purchase Order FinancingPresold merchandise and finished goods are essential to your enterprise. That’s why keeping your suppliers paid is a priority. Toluca Lake Capital’s purchase order financing can help your business moving. Your orders ship on time, your customers are happy and you can maintain valuable customer relationships.

The Basics of P.O. Financing

More than 60% of small businesses contend with cash flow challenges every month. Sudden growth presents these challenges along with lucrative opportunities. Our purchase order loans help your business by paying your suppliers on your behalf. Your orders then ship and your customers receive their goods. After we’ve collected our fees, we forward you the net balance. Besides fast and flexible funding, our P.O. financing offers other great advantages:

  • Ability to fill larger orders
  • More resources to handle bigger customer accounts
  • Potential market share growth

We offer this financing to producers, wholesalers, distributors and resellers dealing in imports, exports or domestic production. There are no long-term debts or equity sacrifices involved.

Let Us Help Your Enterprise Grow

Purchase order financing can help your business take advantage of new opportunities. Grow your enterprise with this and other commercial finance solutions from Toluca Lake Capital. Contact us today and talk to one of our certified financial specialists to apply or learn more.