Equipment Financing

Obtain the Right Machinery With Equipment Financing

Equipment FinancingEquipment is a vital component of success for every type of business. Whether you need heavy machinery, diagnostic tools or new computers to run your company efficiently, the items you desire are often a significant expense, and you may not be able to afford them without using all of the cash you have on hand. At Toluca Lake Capital, we offer equipment leasing and financing options to ensure your company can obtain exactly what it requires to thrive.

Reasons To Lease Equipment

Leasing equipment allows you to use the items without having the responsibility of maintaining and repairing them. You receive multiple tax advantages while preserving existing lines of credit and freeing up the money you have on hand for other necessities.

Benefits of Equipment Financing

We extend various repayment options for equipment loans so you can choose the one that best meets your company’s needs. You stand to receive a loan amount of up to $500,000 with little to no collateral required. You also do not have to show a financial statement for applications under $150,000.

Programs We Offer

We understand that every company has individual needs for equipment financing. To accommodate these various requirements, we provide the following programs to choose from.

  • Government and municipal programs: Public entities are guaranteed to receive equipment loans.
  • Startup programs: We supply equipment loans for new businesses even though they have limited credit histories.
  • B, C and D credit programs: Companies with poor credit scores can still obtain the financing they need for equipment.
  • Sale and lease-back programs: We allow you to lease the equipment you need until you can afford to buy it.

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We at Toluca Lake Capital make both equipment financing and equipment leasing options available so you can focus on growing your business in a variety of ways. Contact us today to discuss your alternatives and determine which one is right for your company.