Commercial Real Estate Financing

The Best Commercial Real Estate Financing Options for Any Project

Commercial Real Estate FinancingAcquiring, remodeling or expanding real estate is an excellent goal for any business. This type of physical growth often results in financial growth as well. Having the right commercial property lets you carry out business operations more efficiently and profitably. Of course, buying real estate requires significant capital. That’s where our countless commercial real estate financing programs are an amazing help. At Toluca Lake Capital, we have loans that cover owner-occupied properties, investment projects and commercial development projects.

Get Complete Financing for Commercial Real Estate Projects

With our real estate loans, you never have to worry about coming up short for projects. We offer sizable funding for real estate needs, ensuring your team can reach successful completion whether you’re building a brand new office or investing in lucrative downtown properties. Thanks to high-net-worth investors, qualifying businesses can get all of the capital needed for everything from materials and groundwork to equipment and finishing touches.

Here are some of our commercial real estate financing options that offer sizable capital amounts:

  • Equity and mezzanine loans
  • CMBS financing
  • Conventional financing
  • International loans
  • FHA loans
  • Bridge financing
  • SBA financing

In addition to these options, we also have permanent construction financing programs. This can streamline the construction process for developers, allowing them to obtain materials at excellent rates prior to starting construction. This also provides significant flexibility for adapting to surprises during remodeling and renovation of the largest buildings.

Get Expert Assistance With Real Estate Needs

For many small business owners, construction and remodeling projects are both exciting and intimidating. On one hand, you’re thrilled about being able to finally have the office of your dreams. On the other hand, if you’ve never taken on a project of this scope, you may be unsure where to begin or what type of loan you need. That’s when our financing experts help. We can explain your options, make recommendations and help you apply for appropriate SBA financing or working capital loans.

Let us take care of everything to make your project go as smoothly as possible. Contact us right away to learn more.