Accounts Receivable

Power Your Business With Accounts Receivable Financing

Invoice FactoringNew businesses and established companies need capital to keep growing. Sudden expansion is a good thing, but it brings unique challenges. Toluca Lake Capital’s accounts receivable financing provides the funds you need to meet sudden growth and shifting demand. Tapping into your customer invoices is key to this fast and flexible funding.

Financing Receivables With Toluca Lake Capital

Also known as invoice factoring, A.R. financing lets you turn your receivables into immediate cash. You sell these invoices at a discount and get your funds right away. As the financing company, we then collect payment directly from your customers. There’s no long-term debt or equity impacts involved, so A.R. financing is ideal for businesses facing cashflow challenges. It also offers a few great benefits:

  • Cash within 24 hours
  • Free credit insurance on qualifying accounts
  • No fixed payments necessary
  • No personal guarantees or recourse
  • More funding as sales increase

Whether you experience seasonal demand, attract new customers or need resources for larger accounts, A.R. financing can help. Fund inventory, supplies, payroll, operational expenses, bulk discounts and more.

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Toluca Lake Capital offers accounts receivable financing plus a whole host of other commercial finance products. Our certified financial specialists can provide more information and help you make sense of your options. Contact us today to apply and get your questions answered.